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About Us

Cold Tech Systems is highly focused on providing pharmaceutical clients with the most reliable temperature protection for their products in transit while facing challenging ambient temperatures and the risks present with numerous participants in the cold supply chain.

Cold Tech is Softbox Systems exclusive manufacturer and distributor for Latin America and together we are the only global strategic supplier to the pharmaceutical industry capable of offering a standardized cold chain solution with a proven track record of minimizing temperature excursions in all types shipping lanes.

The combined manufacturing sites of Cold Tech and Softbox serve pharmaceutical clients worldwide. In Latin America, we serve the region with manufacturing and distribution facilities in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Panama.

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ColdTech Systems Panama
Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile and Venezuela
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ColdTech Systems Brazil
Sales and Technical Support Brazil & Argentina
+55 11 98147 5491
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Focus on Regional Manufacturing

  • Highly Competitive Pricing
  • JIT Deliveries to Client Facilities
  • Total Integration with Logistics Operators
  • Continuous Training and Tech Support
  • Short New Product Development Cycle